Spring Snow

Spring in the Pacific Northwest is a glorious thing. Every tree, plant, and flower blooms in a cacophony of glory, life, and brilliance in every color of the rainbow. All of these beautiful trees and bushes sport various shades of green throughout the year so it is a lovely surprise when a red or purple or pink bloom unfolds among the leaves for the few weeks of spring. When we moved into our home, we planted two cherry trees for our children. The previous owners had planted two apple trees for their children. It’s wonderful to watch them grow and bloom each year (both trees and children!)

The apple and cherry trees blossom with delicate petals as they slowly morph into buds and then cherries in June and apples by the end of the summer. Several nights ago a warm breeze swept through the yard and the apple tree released handfuls of petals, a veritable spring snow shower blanketing the yard. It was breathtaking. How is Mother Nature such a magician?

It was especially meaningful to me because, after a few dark months, these beautiful petals and flowers and blooms remind me of hope. Spring happens after winter, no matter how dark or furious or cold it had been. These blooms just wait for the right time. They don’t doubt themselves. They know they will bloom. They believe in themselves and in the soil they are planted in. What a great lesson.

What is hope after all than the belief that all will be well even when appearances can suggest otherwise? New beginnings. That’s the essence and the promise of spring. It’s all around me. In the trees and plants. In the flowers and bushes. It’s in my daughter’s wedding dress, safely waiting in her old bedroom for her upcoming life-change celebration. The satin and sparkled mesh, the beautifully appliquéd flowers. The dress is beautiful and whimsical. It radiates hope and a promise and a little bit of magic. It’s the spring snow scattering petals down the path of new beginnings. The chance to try again. Redemption and second chances.

Tulips and bluebells in bloom

It’s a relief to watch renewal in action. Unfolding day by day right in front of me. A reminder that I am part of this natural renewal and I embrace the healing energy I feel bursting out of the earth. Sometimes there are no words. Sometimes we just need to be present and watch and listen.

As I write this we are having an unseasonably hot wave of weather. It’s early in the season and although I love the warm sunshine I am concerned. As of yesterday, my snow tree has shed all of her petals, it’s dry and I long for rain. I worry for Mother Earth and the devastating changes of the past years. Yet that is life too. Change is constant although I know human activity has ushered in much of this change to our detriment. The promise of change is to move forward but that is not always the case. One step up and two steps back. Healing is the same. Not linear in any way. But the hope still shines through. The hope that all will be well. That’s what I choose to focus on. And my magic garden. I am grateful for its beautiful message. I hope it is blooming wherever you are. Happy spring!

All photos taken by me of our magic garden tended by my husband with a magical green thumb.

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  1. Diane Nason says:

    Sending love and renewed hope for a healthy year! Happy to hear of the upcoming wedding! Diane

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    1. Thanks, Diane! xo


  2. LA says:

    Congrats on the wedding! And gorgeous flowers!

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  3. Kathy Brown says:

    Love reading your blog again! Keep taking in all that wonderful Mother Nature healing and thriving energy.

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  4. Lou says:

    Darling Tina, I think of you often and say the same prayer … for your return to health and happiness. These beautiful writings tell me that all is well. Hope is eternal!!! I remember your garden so well and it’s wonderful to see it in full bloom. So thrilled about Bianca’s pending wedding. Heaps of love and light, Lou xxoo. P.S. I did write to you and Stacey on WhatsApp about Tina Turner’s passing. Jillie now has a dancing buddy up there in Heaven.

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    1. Thanks, Lou! Let’s chat soon xox


      1. Lou Howitt says:

        You bet we should chat. Just let me know when and we’ll work out a time and day xxxx


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