Total Eclipse

It’s hard for me to wrap my head around that fact that it is already mid-November, although it is my favorite month for personal reasons. The year seems to be progressing with fleeting speed and I have felt the days flow by like water spilling through my fingers. One of the things I have wondered…

Gap Year

Last month thousands of students graduated from high school or college or university or trade school. Any number of educational institutions scattered across the country. I always loved the word “commencement” (what the graduation ceremonies are actually called) because even though it is a ceremony celebrating an ending or an accomplishment or completion, it also…

I Wish I Had A River

I love the Olympic Games. Ever since I was young, my family would gather in front of the TV to watch athletes from all over the world perform their hearts out. Tears, falls, screams of happiness, performances that gave me chills and brought me to tears. Excellence never seen before and sometimes never repeated again….

Three Shots and A Mask

It’s crystal clear by this point that there is no handbook on how to live through a global pandemic. 2022 arrived with a lot of hope but not much change. The virus is still alive and well and wreaking havoc on our health and on society in general. If that sounds defeatist, I must tell…

The Reckoning

I will ever be the dreamer and maybe the naive one. But I fully believe in the inherent goodness of people and that we shall all overcome.