The Reckoning

I will ever be the dreamer and maybe the naive one. But I fully believe in the inherent goodness of people and that we shall all overcome.

August Moon

One of my favorite songs mourning the end of the summer is Don Henley’s classic 1984 anthem, The Boys of Summer (check it out here ). Every time I hear it I have California memories of dark, tanned skin, convertibles, Pacific Ocean waves, and Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. Summer love. The beach at night, bonfires lighting…

Weeds in the Outfield

It is hard to believe that we are halfway through summer as July comes to a close and we welcome August, almost 6 months into the pandemic. Summer is very peculiar this year. The sun is still the same, the hot weather is beautiful, the desire for cold drinks and cool clothes dominate each day,…

Face to Face

Three weeks into the quarantine and the shelter in place order, it seems we are all reverting back to our true basic selves. The need to get up and dress up each day to face the world of work or socializing or any other public activity we used to engage in is all but gone….

No More Pencils….

Alice Cooper’s iconic ode to freedom from the constraints of the classroom, “School’s Out for Summer”, has certainly been the anthem the past couple of weeks as schools close their doors for summer vacation. For most parents, the calendar year doesn’t end on December 31st. The year ends sometime in June after we have guided,…