Moon in Sagittarius

illustration of moon showing during sunset
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I have been in a writing rut lately.  The words have stopped their flow or rather the flow has been inconsistent. It’s not the first time this has happened and it certainly will not be the last. Any writer or creative person can tell you this is true.

Sometimes the Muse is asleep or maybe just recharging. I’m not sure. I just know that being stuck is an almost physical sensation. It feels as if the words are there somewhere trying to get out, teasing as they dance around the corners of my eye

I have not been alone in feeling this way this month. My musician friend could not find her music. Another writer friend has commiserated as well. What is the source of this stagnation? We often joke that it must be the full moon even though that silvery orb is often the Muse itself. No, it is nothing more than the creative flow of life that twists and turns like a fluid thing. Sometimes you just have to ride the current.

A couple of weeks ago, the moon was full in the astrological sign of Sagittarius. According to many astrological websites, this rare occurrence meant people became inspired to find and follow their true path and to find truth with a capital T.  It seems odd at times that an occurrence in the cycles of nature should affect the trajectory of human lives and yet it is all connected whether we believe that concept or not. I confess that I do. There is magic in nature and pull of the tides in my blood and Muses everywhere that inspire my writing. That majestic symbol of Sagittarius, the Centaur, half human and half horse seems perfect for what we need right now: a symbiotic relationship with nature.

I have written a lot about life’s journey and change in this blog. It has certainly been a vehicle for self-revelation and a place to bare my soul and find like-minded readers. This month marks the 3rd anniversary of the launch of Confessions of a Baby Boomer Mom and WordPress analytics tells me I have written 59 posts. This one will be the 60th. That’s a nice even number. It’s also the decade I am living in right now. Looking back I have to realize that even with bouts of self-doubt and writer’s block, I have been pretty creative. And yet it is not nearly enough. I am ready for the next step.

Creating an identity and a presence as a writer has definitely been a journey. I have tried to educate myself. I’ve connected with many other writers all over the world through social media and private Facebook groups. Many have been so encouraging and helpful in this process. We have much in common. I have read so many incredible life stories. There are millions of voices out there and each authentic one is unique. These connections have made the world smaller for me. We are all navigating this human experience in the best way that we can. And yes we all experience creative frustrations. 

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The night of the moon in Sagittarius was a mystical one. There were white clouds against the blue sky and a brisk, cleansing breeze coming from the Puget Sound. As the day descended into twilight and the moon started to rise, I reflected on whether I too was entering the twilight of my life. But, no. No. Twilight rarely looks this bright. And just like that, the enchantment freezing my words was broken, the energy from the moon shattering the wall holding it all back. Words started making sense again. I was inspired to write, my hands barely keeping up with the torrent that burst out.  It was an amazing release.

I realized this astrological sign has always been significant in my life. I have a daughter and a sister and many friends and loved ones born in Sagittarius. Maybe it’s a lucky sign. Maybe it’s just another moon in the cycle of the many moons I have witnessed these past 6 decades. Maybe the connections we all feel have nothing to do with the moon or the sun or nature at all. Maybe. I’ll have to think about that. In fact, I think I’ll write about it.

Sagittarius by darkmoon1968 via Pixabay


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